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Koganecho Flip are photos of a Keikyu Line train passing between Hinodecho and Koganecho Stations in Yokohama. The 683 photos taken on August 17, 2018, when the first shutter was pressed at 5:23:57 a.m. until 12:37:07 at night when the last train passed, were at latitude 35,26.4719N and longitude 139,37.5211E; The series was filmed at the same viewpoint at an altitude of 36.00 m.

The vibration of the Keikyu Line passing by an old two-story house in Japan designed with an earthquake disaster prevention method causes minute vibrations in the body of the photographer and the tripod. The human retina melts the passengers in the train into the light of the Keikyu Line passing by with a sense of speed. Nevertheless, passengers captured by the camera's high shutter speed emerge from the abstract image and appear as a still photographic image with a grainy feel. Images of the same angle with continuity from No. 1 to No. 683 distinguish the planes in the frame that change inside and outside the train only with the change of time.

The Keikyu Line opened in 1898 and moved along the same track. The trajectory of the Keikyu Line, which creates a sense of the night in a continuous timeline, of the movement of heavy machinery and the extension of time brought about by artificial light, is the trajectory of the 'Koganecho Flip' to compress and process individual photos.

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