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Activation by Ga Ram Kim:

For artists, the most meaningful thing about the sales of their artworks is making ‘unrealized projects’ possible. Ga Ram Kim suggests a project Activation, a form of cloud funding evolution, which financially supports the production of the artist's new artworks by purchasing NFTs. First, she uploads a poster with the action plan that she wants to execute. The collector who wants to activate the production of her new artwork could purchase NFT.

**Only one project will be executed at the first sale of Ga Ram Kim’s NFT 10062022 - *Activation: the AGENDA hair salon*.

***The plan and implementation process of the project Activation can be found at

the AGENDA Hair Salon (2014 - ongoing):

‘One Day in London’,

‘The Free Haircut Performance’,

‘From just a trim to a completely shaved head as much as you support the slogan’

The free haircut performance *the AGENDA hair salon* (2014-ongoing) emanated from the artist’s curiosity over the act of shaving one’s head as a protest that often appears in Korea and other Asian countries. Kim interpreted the act of head-shaving as a demonstration of a person’s strong commitment to a social issue as a social phenomenon, and she has addressed social and cultural issues with wit and humor through the format of a hair salon. In *the AGENDA hair salon* project, Kim varies the themes depending on the time and location of each exhibition; each theme becomes a slogan that is printed on the haircut gowns. Participants wear a gown with the slogan he or she supports, and then have their hair cut for “free”; the amount of hair being cut off depends on the degree to which the participant supports the slogan, from just a trim to a completely shaved head. Ga Ram Kim, who has completed a professional hairstyling course, cuts the participants’ hair herself, and encourages the participants to talk about the slogan that they chose, thereby eliciting their personal thoughts and sympathy.

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