#FANTASY Boyfriend Online Dating Pass_Ghost type_30min

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#FANTASY Boyfriend Online Dating Pass_Ghost type_30min

You can now meet 4 different types of virtual boyfriends set up by Ga Ram Kim through online dating.
**Actor’s Character: New boyfriend approach

### Condition
**One-off Online Dating Pass: Only one online dating will be executed at the first sale of Ga Ram Kim’s NFT 02062022 - *#FANTASY Boyfriend Online Dating Pass_Ghost type_30min*

#### If you are the collector of the first sale

- IMPORTANT! To redeem this *#FANTASY Boyfriend Online Dating Pass*, the purchaser should first write to garamkimNFT@gmail.com to receive further instructions. We will schedule the date and time of the online dating. http://www.garamkim.com/nft

- You can date online with *#FANTASY* Boyfriend ONE TIME ONLY. Once redeemed, this Online Dating Pass is no longer valid.
- After purchasing the NFT, you cannot change your *#FANTASY* Boyfriend type. Choose who you want to date carefully.
- When dating online, be kind to your virtual boyfriend. Due to inappropriate words and actions, you can stop anytime beyond the allotted time, and the Online Dating Pass is consumed automatically.
#### If you are the collector of second sales:
- You only purchase NFT itself, not the availability for Online Dating.

### #FANTASY (2020))
*#FANTASY* was first presented at the 2020 Bangkok Art Biennale as a sequel to the Selfie-Series by Ga Ram Kim. It contains a video component that features 4 different types of ‘virtual lover’ while maintaining the focus on audience participation and gallery installation. *#FANTASY* reveals the contemporary consumption pattern of social media sites such as YouTube, which no longer distinguish virtual reality from ‘true’ lived reality and often serve as a guide encouraging the active participation of the audience in creating their online content.

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