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DREAM LIBRARY is a virtual world where people share their dream narratives, dreams that they have recalled and collected. Through purchasing a DREAM LIBRARY PASS the purchaser can deposit their own dreams into the library's vaults whilst also being able to read other people’s dreams. Through the act of sharing, each visitor becomes an active participant in a unique social dreaming exchange. That is, providing the possibility of finding solace, inspiration, hope, pleasure, curiosity and perhaps relief of anxiety through the discovery and sharing of auspicious symbols and desirable scenarios found in other people’s dreams. All the things that might enhance their own lives. We may dream alone, but through the DREAM LIBRARY we can fuse our otherwise solitary nighttime experiences into a kind of manifest collective consciousness.

Each DREAM LIBRARY PASS will be uniquely identifiable with an HTML colour code, representing the presence of each library visitor. Through this process the DREAM LIBRARY will become an increasingly saturated world of rainbow colours as more and more people visit and deposit their dreams.

DREAM LIBRARY represents the evolution of an ongoing exploration of dreams and their place in our lives by artist Bongsu Park. The genesis of this work can be seen through the artists’ DREAM AUCTION project, an umbrella of unique projects, performances and expressions rooted in the ancient Korean tradition of buying and selling dreams.

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The DREAM LIBRARY will become accessible and operational once the first one hundred DREAM LIBRARY PASS NFT’s are sold. To deposit own dream narratives into the library's vaults, the purchaser should write to dreamlibrarypass@gmail.com The latest update and news about DREAM LIBRARY can be found here:

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